Pier Auge Soothing box with Completude


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Pier Auge Soothing box with Completude


This limited edition soothing box contains

Completude Regenerating  Tri-active Treatment, 50ml

The anti-aging treatment for dry and sensitive skins!

Enriched in hp DNA, Hyaluronic Acid,  associate with protecting Bifidus, beeswax and Vitamine E, this tri-active treatment prevents from aging, nourishes and protects dry and sensitive skins. The skin is smooth, soft and supple.


Le Soin – hydrating treatment, 15ml

The smoothing treatment for stressed skins 

The combination of plant oils and three tensor, hydrating* and firming complexes protects the skin from dehydration, stress, and pollution. The skin is smoothed, hydrated* and protected.


Ental Savon, cleanser 5ml

and Facial cleansing brush

All for the price of one Completude, presented in a lovely box. Great as a gift or perfect reward for yourself.


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