Regenerating Ampoules with hp DNA

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rejuvenation in a vial

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Regenerating Ampoules with hp DNA

This particular ampoule targets  dull, devitalised and dehydrated skin.

The main ingredient is hp DNA – or highly polymerised DNA or molecularly intact. This is the only form that is effective and supplies cells with correct information.

Hp DNA is an anti-oxidant – it regenerates, revitalises, re-balances and heals and calms.

It is also Hydrator and hydrophile so it assists in retaining moisture in the skin.

Hp DNA is also a controller of sebaceous function.

The 5 pack of 2 ml ampoules can be used as a quick fix or 3 week treatment.

Use 1/2 ampoule to a cleanser face and follow with an appropriate moisturizer.

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