Tend Skin Liquid Solution


Solution to treat ingrown hair

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Tend Skin Liquid Solution

Tend Skin is a solution for the aftermath of every form of hair removal. Ingrown hairs, rashes and redness on bikini lines, underarms, legs, neck and face caused by shaving, waxing or electrolysis.5

Always apply on dry skin. If the skin is wet, or it will simply “float off”. Also if the skin is wet and still warm from shower or bath, when applying Tend Skin you may notice a slight stinging sensation for a few moments.

Tend Skin can be applied with a soft tissue, cotton ball a cotton tip or fingers. If using fingers rinse after application. Only thin layer of solution is required.

Applying Tend Skin to areas that are shaved, waxed or treated with electrolysis, can reduce the appearance of ingrown hair formation that can occur after these procedures.

Tend Skin can also reduce the appearance of existing ingrown hairs.

Tweezing is not needed or advised as resulting skin damage can increase the formation of ingrown hairs.

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