Corn Plane Blades

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corn plane blades

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Corn Plane Blades

These come packed in 10 and fit all corn planes we stock. We are easy instructions on how to change over the used up blades inside the corn plane.

  1. To undo: Firmly grip sides of the slider with thumb & forefinger. Pull the metal tab towards you slowly with your other hand.
  2. To replace blade: Hold slider with flat edge facing you & metal tab up. Place blade over the metal tab. Hold handle & insert the slide-way through the metal tab & push tab up with your thumb until fully closed.
  3. Care Tip: Do not use on broke on infected areas.
  4. Store in a clean, dry place

Pack contains 10 blades

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2 reviews for Corn Plane Blades

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  2. Cheryl D. (verified owner)

    Great blades.

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