Corn Plane – corn remover in stainless steel

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stainless steel corn plane

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Corn Plane – corn remover in stainless steel

This long lasting handy implement aids in removal of thick, calloused skin and reduction of corns.

Using a corn and callus cutter is an easy and inexpensive way to remove unattractive and/or uncomfortable hardened skin from your feet. Although removing skin from your body may seem painful or scary, a callus removing tool is safe and painless to use.
If the small blade included with this product looses its sharpness after continued usage it can be turned around or replaced.

Packs of 10 blades are available for purchase at very small cost, so it may be a good idea to purchase one at the same time as this implement.

To replace or clean blades

  1. To undo: Firmly grip sides of the slider with thumb & forefinger. Pull the metal tab towards you slowly with your other hand.
  2. To replace blade: Hold slider with flat edge facing you & metal tab up. Place blade over the metal tab. Hold handle & insert the slide-way through the metal tab & push tab up with your thumb until fully closed.
  3. Care Tip: Do not use on broke on infected areas.
  4. Store in a clean, dry place


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