Pier Auge PEELING Gentle Exfoliant


Gentle Exfoliant – all skin types

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PEELING Gentle Exfoliant

Peeling Gentle exfoliant with natural clays gently erase the dead cells and the small superficial cutaneous blemishes. Gentle exfoliant for all skin types.

The skin texture is refined, the enlarged pores are tightened and the skin regains radiance and clarity.

Apply to the whole face except on delicate eyelids in a thin and homogenous layer. Once dry, rub it off with fingertips by light circular motion whilst supporting the surrounding skin.

Rinse off with lukewarm water or with a cotton pad dipped in LEAPSAL TONIC Gentle Tonic.  Use once per week on normal to oily skins and once a month on dry skins.


Vitamin B5
Kaolin (White Clay)

Product size ; 40 ml

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