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The Lash and Brow savior

Lash and Brow Booster

If you are a mature woman or man or nature just did not bestow strong lash and brow growth, this product is a savior.

You’ll notice that the tint you’ve used on your lashes or brows stays on longer. As the eyes are the ‘windows to your soul’ they need framing.

I have personally used this product on my eyebrows which started to look a bit sparse. I could see the difference in a relatively short time.

This is a product I would personally recommend, give it a try.

Someone’s comment –

” I didn’t even know there were products to help grow healthy eyelashes and eyebrows”.

The formula with natural active substances prolongs the growth phases in the hair roots, helping the hair to become significantly longer & thicker. The first effects are visible after 6 weeks, and after 10 weeks the hair has grown significantly *Dermatologically tested *Ophthalmologically tested *Free from synthetic hormones *Free from prostanoid and perfume

Lash & Brow Booster

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