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October Skin


October Skin

October is that time of the year when we go through a transition from winter to spring and warmer weather.

After spending months with heating and layered clothing the opposite starts to happen. Heaters are mostly off, sleeves are now shorter and days are warmer.

There are some things that we should do to get our body and face ready for the warm months ahead.

Start exfoliating, both the body and the face and remove the dry scaly skin that can build up over cold moths. Good body exfoliant will not only remove the dead skin cells but it will also moisturise. Once the skin is exfoliated and feeling fresh and supple continue using good body moisturizer and remember to use sun screen.

Same applies to your feet. You will be bringing out the sandals soon and there is nothing worst than dry, cracked skin in your heels. Use some pedi blocks or pedipadl to get those feet smooth and ready to show off.

Your face could also do with a boost and preparation for warm weather. Use gentle facial exfoliants and treat yourself to a hydrating and rejuvenating facial mask – Douce Aura is an ideal product. It can be applied after cleansing at night and left on overnight to continue working. You’ll wake up with soft, smooth and supple skin ready for another day. Use hydrating gels to pump hydration into your skin- Hydra Serum would be ideal – and change your daily moisturizer to a lighter version.

Once again remember to use sun screen, even when you think the sun is behind the cloud. Most premature aging happens due to unprotected sun exposure.

If you want to have that tan look use one of the face and body self tanning lotions – it’s a pain free way to achieve that sun-kissed look.

Last but not least drink plenty of water to keep your cells hydrated and ENJOY SPRING!!!


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