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March and Autumn is here

With the warmth of summer slowly subsiding we are experiencing more cool evenings and fresh mornings. It is season of moderate temperatures before the cold of winter sets in.

It is also time to adjust your skin and body care regime after taking good look at the condition of your skin.

Your face – adjust your night creme routine to include more “substantial” moisturizer incorporating more replenishing ingredients – Super Ental  or Reparing Soothing Treatment would fit the bill.

Exfoliate once or twice a week with Exfoliating Cleanser, this will remove any dead skin cells, is creamy in texture so it will moisturize and nourish at the same time. If you are running short of time this cleanser can be used whilst you shower.Just apply to face without adding any extra water and gently exfoliate in circular motion.

Your body – use a good quality body lotion. The Mancine body lotions incorporate salicylic acid in the formula which aids gentle exfoliation. If your skin is really dry use body butter – massage  in after bath or a shower. Don’t forget to exfoliate to keep your skin at its optimum.

Your hands – often forgotten even though we use them every day in many, many ways. Good moisturising hand cream is the way to go. Both Image Ageless Total Rejuvenating Hand creme or Lycon Spa Hand and Foot Reviver would fit the bill.

And let’s enjoy the last few warmth days before colder weather sets in.


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myPERFECT Skin – February Focus

 myPERFECT Skin -February Focus

As we move past the teenage years most of us expect that any problems with blemishes will resolve by themselves. Sometimes this does not happen and our skin needs a helping hand.

Here are few basic steps to assist your skin

1. Cleanse your skin both morning and night. Use a gentle gel cleanser as this will remove most impurities without stripping the skin. The body naturally produces oil to keep the skin moisturized and healthy, however over stimulation by aggressive scrubbing or washing may cause excess oil production.

2. Exfoliate once or twice weekly careful not to overstimulate the skin, Don’t use alcohol based products.

3 .Oily skin needs moisture just as much as any other skin type. Use a light, oil-free moisturizer and use SPF protection on daily bases.

Pier Auge has released a small but effective range to help with problem skin. It consists of 4 products using natural ingredients

myPERFECT Gel – purifies and cleanses

myPERFECT Solution – purifies and heals spot blemishes

myPERFECT Serum – tightens pores, refines and smoothes

myPERFECT Creme – purifies, controls excess sebum and mattifies.

myPERFECT Skin range



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Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping

Well, it is hard to believe that there are only few weeks left to Christmas.

The year has flown by, yet again, and it is time to start planning your “gift” shopping.

We are thrilled to add various packs that should satisfy all tastes, be it what they offer or in the various price ranges.

And don’t forget to buy something for yourself as well. If you are planning to take that end of the year break stock up on some goodies that have been packed and ready to  take with you.

Sit down and make out a list, that way you’ll have a better idea “where you are”.  Just remember not to leave things to the last minute because you may miss out or the delivery may take longer to arrive. We’ll strive to get all orders out as quickly as possible but the delivery services are always extremely busy at this time of the year and the closer to the “D – day” the busier they get.Christmas shopping

Here is a link to our list, we may be adding additional items as they arrive on our shelves, so come back and re-visit.



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October Skin


October Skin

October is that time of the year when we go through a transition from winter to spring and warmer weather.

After spending months with heating and layered clothing the opposite starts to happen. Heaters are mostly off, sleeves are now shorter and days are warmer.

There are some things that we should do to get our body and face ready for the warm months ahead.

Start exfoliating, both the body and the face and remove the dry scaly skin that can build up over cold moths. Good body exfoliant will not only remove the dead skin cells but it will also moisturise. Once the skin is exfoliated and feeling fresh and supple continue using good body moisturizer and remember to use sun screen.

Same applies to your feet. You will be bringing out the sandals soon and there is nothing worst than dry, cracked skin in your heels. Use some pedi blocks or pedipadl to get those feet smooth and ready to show off.

Your face could also do with a boost and preparation for warm weather. Use gentle facial exfoliants and treat yourself to a hydrating and rejuvenating facial mask – Douce Aura is an ideal product. It can be applied after cleansing at night and left on overnight to continue working. You’ll wake up with soft, smooth and supple skin ready for another day. Use hydrating gels to pump hydration into your skin- Hydra Serum would be ideal – and change your daily moisturizer to a lighter version.

Once again remember to use sun screen, even when you think the sun is behind the cloud. Most premature aging happens due to unprotected sun exposure.

If you want to have that tan look use one of the face and body self tanning lotions – it’s a pain free way to achieve that sun-kissed look.

Last but not least drink plenty of water to keep your cells hydrated and ENJOY SPRING!!!


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Why Serums ??

Why Serums ??

Why are serums used in skin care?

Firstly lets talk about – what are serums.

Serums are beauty products with high concentration of active ingredients and are usually targeting a specific issue, here are just few examples

Dehydration and reduction of appearance of wrinkles – higher percentage of Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin…..

Brightening and pigmentation reduction Vitamin C, Kojic Acid.

Exfoliation AHAs  or glycolic acid….  and so on.

Most of serums are “water based” and don’t incorporate occlusive additives. They are mainly made up of small molecule ingredients and so are easily absorbed.

Due to the higher concentration of the active ingredients their cost is usually higher, however as you need to use only a small amount a bottle will normally last longer.

It is also important to remember that serums need to be used in conjunction with appropriate facial cream. Creams, as the word suggests, contain oils, shea butter and other occlusive products which act as a barrier to water loss from the upper layers of skin and help in locking in the actives from serums.

Here are just few serums we can offer


Hydration Serum    Intense Retinol Serum     Pier Serum   Lightening Serum   M2A Revitalising Serum

Anti Oxidant Serum   Pore Refining Serum  Hydrating Vitamin C Serum   Anti-Aging Serum  Lightening Spot Serum

Vitamin C Energizing Serum   Max Serum


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Your skin in August

Your skin in August

Cold, crisp mornings and harsh winds make us turn up the heaters and with that make the environment around us dry.

Long hot showers will give us the warm comfort feeling but will also dehydrate our skin.

We want to stay warm and so will need to make sure that the products we are using are nourishing enough to negate the drying effects.

shower with Essential oils

So have that warm shower or a bath but finish it with body lotion or even better body butter to protect and lock in moisture and keep skin soft, nourished and hydrated.

If you are suffering from a stuffy nose or starting to feel the beginning of the flu put a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil on a wash cloth and drape it over your shower rose.

You can achieve a similar, not as concentrated effect, by placing a burner in a room with a few drops of essential oil. Try this blend – 3 drops Eucalyptus & Lemon and Tea Tree and 2 drops of Orange. In basin of steamy water – Inhale the vapours deeply to soothe and easy the congestion, or you can add few drops of this blend to your bath or in your vaporizer.

Citrus based essential oils such as grapefruit, tangerine or lemon will deodorize the room and make it smell fresh.


Cleansing your face – use creamy cleansers or lotions, they will leave behind a protective layer, and will slow down loss of hydration from your skin.

Try using slightly richer moisturizer whilst still making sure it suits your skin. By exfoliating twice weekly you’ll keep the dry skin under control. Make sure to moisturize at night to nourish and repair the skin while you are sleeping. Remember – don’t stop at jaw line, your neck and decolletage need nurturing as well.

all you need in one pack
Great winter set with everything you’ll need


And finally, lets’ not forget the hands. Gloves are a great protection on   a cold frosty morning. Our hands are exposed most of the time so it’s      important a good quality of hand cream finds its way into your    handbag.

  As well as keeping warm, drink plenty of water to help keep you   hydrated!!


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Your Body and the “Spice Route”…..

Your Body and the “Spice Route”…..

With the winter chills your body, the same as your face, needs extra nourishment, hydration and pampering.

Dealing with heating, extra clothing and winter chills the skin can become dry, scaly and lack-luster. Drinking plenty of water will be good for your insides but will not address the dry skin on the outside.

To address this it is important that you find a moisturizer that’s oil-based, and not water-based, as the oil will create a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisture than a cream or lotion. Exfoliate on regular basis so the moisturisers can penetrate better and deeper.

Your hands will also benefit from wearing pair of gloves and using a good hand cream to ensure protection from cold and wind.

Pier Auge has a small, but potent body range which uses many spices and plants in their product’s formulas to ensure balanced, hydrated and supple skin.

They went on a journey to find the best ingredients of plants and spices on the passage to India and silk road.

Body Scrub – Ginger – Bamboo
Purifying one’s skin means that it will enjoy the greatest benefit from the products used and in so doing will improve and regain natural radiance.

The Coeur d’epices Body Scrub with Bamboo beads and Ginger and Honey to moisturize* will leave the skin feeling considerably softer. Apply to dry skin. Massage and rinse off in the shower.

Firming Care – Honey – Green Vert
Created for the protection of dry and delicate skins, helping them to maintain balance and withhold their own particular potential depending on their specific needs.

Green Tea, Honey and Bamboo sap act in synergy to help remove excess fat, drain, firm and moisturize* the skin. Massage into the skin each day after the shower.

Slimming Balm – Green Tea – Ginger
Created for the protection of dry and delicate skins, helping them to maintain balance and withhold their own particular potential depending on their specific needs.

Naturally detoxifying and filtering Green Tea, Guarana and Essential Oils of Ginger and Grapefruit act on stubborn areas to help smooth away cellulite. Massage into the skin each day after the shower.

* of the upper layers of the skin

Guarana from Brazil

The name of the plant comes from the Guaraní, the Natives who lived along the Amazon basin and who ate guarana during periods of food shortage to overcome their hunger. They roasted the seeds, which they ground and made into a paste. They then formed sticks of paste and dried them over the fire to preserve them.

Ginger from Zanzibar

Its name comes from the Sanskrit (Indo- European language) “shringavera” and means “antler shaped root”. This word led to the Latin “zingiber”, which yielded the French word “gingembre” in the 13th century, from which the English adopted the word “ginger“. Arab merchants called it “zenj”, from which the name Zanzibar is derived; the place where they went to buy it. The first written mentions of ginger occur over 3,000 years ago in traditional Chinese and Indian medicinal texts. Native to India and Malaysia, ginger was one of the first spices to be imported to the Mediterranean region

Indian Bamboo

The word bamboo comes from the Malaysian “mambu” and literally means “indispensable wood”. The Portuguese were the first to bring it in its current name to Europe. They were also the first to introduce it in 1730 in the royal greenhouses of Setubal. In 1747, Mahé de La Bourdonnais planted it in Martinique. From there, it travelled to the Antilles and then the Americas, where it naturally thrived. Although native to the Asian subcontinent, probably the Sunday Islands, it is now part of the landscape of most hot and humid countries and is particularly present in all of Southeast Asia.

Honey from Berry, France

The first traces of the use of honey by man date back to 4500 BC in Ancient Egypt. 4,000 years later, Hippocrates used it to heal wounds and recommended it for athletes and old men. The Roman legions used it to treat their wounds as well. In the Middle Ages, honey was present in Western and Eastern pharmacopoeias. From the early 20th century, honey was used to accelerate skin healing. Produced in Berry, France from the beginning of Roman times, Berry honey is renowned for its purity and the complexity of its components. This is why the protection of bees, essential for pollination, has become a major ecological challenge in Berry.

Japanese Green Tea

The history of tea began in China around 4,500 years ago. Many stories and legends explain its discovery. According to the most well-known, the Emperor Shennong fell asleep under the “Camellia sinensis” tree. Upon waking, he saw that some leaves from the tree had fallen into his cauldron of hot water. He tried this sweet-smelling infusion and thought it was wonderful. And this is how tea was created in China. While the “Camellia sinensis” is at the origin of all tea, it is green tea that has the most illustrious reputation. As it does not undergo any changes, it is renowned for its purity and many benefits.

Body Products
Coeur d’epices


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Vitamins and Minerals and your skin


Vitamins and Minerals

Which ingredients are important in your skin care products?

As well as making sure that you are eating healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, together with grains and proteins it is also important to remember that your skin care products should contain a good cross section of active ingredients.

Vitamins have been used in many skin care brands and products. For these to be of value they need to be available to skin in a form in which they are easy to absorb.

One of the most “potent” vitamins is Vitamin C.

Vitamin C will energise the skin, help its hydration and will give the skin with lovely glow. It stimulates metabolic reaction, captures and neutralises free radicals – so is anti aging. Activates the synthesis of collagen, repairs damage caused by UV.

It’s anti aging properties are amplified when combined with Vitamin A and E

Vitamin A – Pro Retinol is anti wrinkle agent, stimulant of collagen and elasticity. cellular stimulant. It regulates the development of the epidermic cell. Vitamin A has a molecular structure that’s small enough to get into the lower layers of skin, where it finds collagen and elastin.

Vitamin E – protects against free radicals so it is anti aging. Fights against skin dryness and decongest blood capillaries.

The action of Vitamin C is amplified by Vitamins A & E

To name a few minerals

Zinc – necessary for growth of normal cell divisions and functions. Required for immune health and aid in wound healing

Copper Peptides – powerful anti-oxidants required for collagen production. The substance helps to firm, smooth, and soften skin, doing it in less time than most other anti-aging skin care products

Silicon with Magnesium and Calcium – involved with collagen production for skin’s strength and skin density

Here are two products that deliver on both the Vitamin and Mineral content.

Pier Serum
Defence against Aging
Defence against water loss
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April Travel Beauty Tips

Travel beauty tips for April

Easter has come around late this year and with the few extra days off work many will take this opportunity to travel.

Whether it is just for the few days over Easter or extended 10 day break here are a few suggestions to make sure you are ready when it comes to looking after your skin and body.

If you are flying to a destination it is a good idea not to wear make-up, especially on long haul flights. This will allow you to use a fine mist on your face during your travel. Lipstick or lip gloss, especially one that it moisturizing is fine . Remember that the air in an aircraft is very dry so if you don’t like using a mist spray include a small moisturizer in your cabin luggage.

Drink plenty of water and try to get up and walk around every hour or so.

If you are heading to a warmer climate remember to pack a sunscreen, even if it is overcast you can still get burnt.

A small bag including your cleanser, moisturizer and maybe a mask is a great idea to take along and keep with your hand luggage. You never know if your checked-in bags get lost.!! And don’t forget to include hand cream in your bag. Hands get easily dry as we tend to wash many times during the day.

Pack a good body moisturiser and exfoliant and maybe a bronzer – preferably one that can be used on both, the face and the body.

Wear comfortable and loose clothing.

And above all enjoy your break!! 🙂

cleanser, moisturiser, mask
all the essentials you’ll need





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Christmas Gift Ideas

We are happy to advise a number of Packs designed specifically for Christmas giving have been added to our site.

Have a look and see which could fit the bill…

To ensure pre Christmas dispatch from our store place your orders by the 19th of December. Most delivery services will be running day or two late due to the large volume of items sent at this time of the year.

We shall endeavour to send your items as quickly as possible!!!