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Why Serums ??

Why Serums ??

Why are serums used in skin care?

Firstly lets talk about – what are serums.

Serums are beauty products with high concentration of active ingredients and are usually targeting a specific issue, here are just few examples

Dehydration and reduction of appearance of wrinkles – higher percentage of Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin…..

Brightening and pigmentation reduction Vitamin C, Kojic Acid.

Exfoliation AHAs  or glycolic acid….  and so on.

Most of serums are “water based” and don’t incorporate occlusive additives. They are mainly made up of small molecule ingredients and so are easily absorbed.

Due to the higher concentration of the active ingredients their cost is usually higher, however as you need to use only a small amount a bottle will normally last longer.

It is also important to remember that serums need to be used in conjunction with appropriate facial cream. Creams, as the word suggests, contain oils, shea butter and other occlusive products which act as a barrier to water loss from the upper layers of skin and help in locking in the actives from serums.

Here are just few serums we can offer


Hydration Serum    Intense Retinol Serum     Pier Serum   Lightening Serum   M2A Revitalising Serum

Anti Oxidant Serum   Pore Refining Serum  Hydrating Vitamin C Serum   Anti-Aging Serum  Lightening Spot Serum

Vitamin C Energizing Serum   Max Serum


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