Warm Honey Wax 80 g cartridge

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from fully esterified resins

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Warm Honey Wax 80 g cartridge

Hive Warm Wax cartridges use fully esterified resins and no colour or fragrance to give the smallest possible number of allergic reactions from clients. These 80g cartridges can be heated in the 80/100g Single Cartridge heater. Hold the cartridge at an angle of about 45 degrees for easy application. Roller heads must be purchased separately.

Excellent grip on stubborn, strong hairs.
Golden appearance and ‘honey-like’ consistency once heated.
This wax provides a thin, economic application.
Enables quick, easy waxing results & creates less mess.
Suitable for use in Options by Hive Multi Pro & Hand Held 80g Heaters.

Store in a cool, dry place.
Remove spilt wax with Wax Equipment Cleaner.

Clean Roller Heads with  Wax Equipment Cleaner.

Product size : 80 g


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