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Your skin in August

Your skin in August

Cold, crisp mornings and harsh winds make us turn up the heaters and with that make the environment around us dry.

Long hot showers will give us the warm comfort feeling but will also dehydrate our skin.

We want to stay warm and so will need to make sure that the products we are using are nourishing enough to negate the drying effects.

shower with Essential oils

So have that warm shower or a bath but finish it with body lotion or even better body butter to protect and lock in moisture and keep skin soft, nourished and hydrated.

If you are suffering from a stuffy nose or starting to feel the beginning of the flu put a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil on a wash cloth and drape it over your shower rose.

You can achieve a similar, not as concentrated effect, by placing a burner in a room with a few drops of essential oil. Try this blend – 3 drops Eucalyptus & Lemon and Tea Tree and 2 drops of Orange. In basin of steamy water – Inhale the vapours deeply to soothe and easy the congestion, or you can add few drops of this blend to your bath or in your vaporizer.

Citrus based essential oils such as grapefruit, tangerine or lemon will deodorize the room and make it smell fresh.


Cleansing your face – use creamy cleansers or lotions, they will leave behind a protective layer, and will slow down loss of hydration from your skin.

Try using slightly richer moisturizer whilst still making sure it suits your skin. By exfoliating twice weekly you’ll keep the dry skin under control. Make sure to moisturize at night to nourish and repair the skin while you are sleeping. Remember – don’t stop at jaw line, your neck and decolletage need nurturing as well.

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And finally, lets’ not forget the hands. Gloves are a great protection on   a cold frosty morning. Our hands are exposed most of the time so it’s      important a good quality of hand cream finds its way into your    handbag.

  As well as keeping warm, drink plenty of water to help keep you   hydrated!!


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